Friday, June 08, 2012

Two Reviews of The Tallest Man on Earth - There's No Leaving Now

Michael's review:

I know most people expect me to review nothing but weird hip hop, electronica and fucked up beats on this page. But let's never forget about the Big Smiles part. That refers to the music that penetrates my heart and mind like an arrow, and make me lose all form of coolness and just makes me smile like a little kid. Few artists nowadays has that ability, but The Tallest Man on Earth definitely is one of them. 
Ever since I saw him live in 2009 I've been hooked. His voice, his melodies, his lyrics, his musicanship. It's all quite amazing, and I can't help myself from loving everything that he releases. I was a bit unsure though if he could top his last album The Wild Hunt, but I guess I was foolish to doubt him. It's a more mature TTMOE that we meet on There's No Leaving Now, and even though maturity and music don't always makes good , it sure does in this case. 
I will stop now, and instead encourage you to pick up this album and see for yourself. What will you discover? That the album of the year now has been released.

Jessika's review:

Even though I should not write anything about this man because who can be objective and rational describing someone you adore and admire? But one can´t help it, I have to say it again and again … This man is amazing, and his new recording likewise!
When I thought he couldn’t possibly do it better, listening to There´s No Leaving Now I realize that he just did.
This record feels a bit more mellow and subtle than the previous ones though. He touches the heart like always with brilliant lyrics and incredible melodies but maybe I do miss his energy in previous songs like in, for example, King of Spain. I´m not saying that it is bad in anyways, just missing it. Add a couple of those types of songs and he would go over the rating scale below.
Anyway he puts me in an emotional rollercoaster every time I listen to him and regarding his new work I have now banned myself from listening to the title track in public. Lets put it this way, crying like a baby on a tram on your way home from work, does make people around you very uncomfortable. 
However don´t let my experience frighten you and do not miss out on this, you are in for a treat!  

Michael's rating: 9.5/10
Jessika's rating: 10/10

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