Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Two Reviews of Brzowski & Monsieur Saï - Songs for Marty

Jessika's review: 
Hm … ever since Michael kindly introduced me to Brzowski I have to admit I have had a little crush on this man. My expectations were way high when I eagerly started to listen to this collaboration of two, as I have heard, fine artists. And yes they sure did give me a lot to think about.
These two guys are amazing at what they do. Even if I can´t understand most of what Monsieur Saï is saying, he still puts me in a good place and Brzowski makes me smile only by opening his mouth. I just love his brave lovingly sourness towards life and humanity.
I am still not sure about these two doing their thing together though. It might be the fact that I had my expectations up too high on Brzowski and I wanted to hear him do what he usually does, or the fact that I had no expectations what so ever on Monsieur Saï because this was the very first time I have ever heard of him. Either way I liked what they were doing, both of them, but put together they started to feel disturbing and uneven after a while.  
I did enjoy my listening, but unfortunately it did not last for long.  But I´m very happy to say that it made me want to look into Monsieur Saï's earlier stuff, and of course keep listening to Brzowski because they sure know how to let the love for what they are doing shine through.

Michael's review: 
Brzowski and Monsieur Saï. That's one really interesting collaboration. Well, at least on paper. This record is a bit of a case of hit and miss if you ask me. Why? Well, I will try to explain. I'm a huge fan of Brzowski and he doesn't disappoint here either. His rough vocals is on point as always, and it's hard for him to put a foot wrong. Monsieur Saï is a bit of a new discovery for me, but his performance here on Songs for Marty really sounds quite promising, and I quite like his flow. 
So what's the downside then? These two guys together perhaps? No, I think that they compliment each other more than I had thought, and they form a really nice team on the microphone. The problem with Songs for Marty is the productions. They are very weak, and don't go well together with the emcees at all. When you're listening to Brzowski for example you want some weight and some deep down grittiness to the music. But those kind of beats are nowhere to be found here I'm afraid. Too bad, because I feel that this album could have been really nice with the right components. But then again, you can't win every time.
Jessika's rating: 6/10
Michael's rating: 5/10

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