Monday, June 25, 2012

prison soup - prison soup

Ahh! The feeling when the opening track, Safehaven at a Slant, comes over my headphones is one of pure beauty. The combination of Jamie Romain's cello driven production and the vocals from EVAK and babel fishh is truly a match made in heaven. And the album don't get any worse after that. Both emcees are amongst my favourite ones and hearing a whole album with them is more or less a dream come true. There's nothing that even comes close to being radio friendly here. Noise, drones and field recordings combined with distorted drums and guitars forms an amazing backdrop to these two fire spitters.
It's 9 tracks of fuel pumped riveting alt-rap at it's absolute best. You might think that all of this is enough to make me rock a quite definite boner, but then I have left out the best part of the album. On the closing track Wounded Workhorse, the guys are joined by the amazing perseph one, and she completely blows me out of the water. There's someone we want decorative stamp to snatch up to do an entire album real soon! Please do yourself a favour and pick up this limited cassette release by going here. You won't be sorry!
Rating: 8/10

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