Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mad Gregs - Relatives

The music industry is a strange world, we all know that. But music listeners are also quite hard to understand sometimes. What makes people pick up a certain record and not another? Well, one part of the answer could be availability, promotion and word of mouth. I kind of hope that the answer lays there within, and not that some artists are getting slept on just because they might not be as cool and trendy as others. Because a band such as Mad Gregs deserves way better than that. 
Ever since their first album Big Nun dropped on Fake Four Inc. back in 2008, I have been surprised how few people have talked about them. Sure, they are not doing cool, experimental leftfield hip hop. They don't fill their albums with hot and trendy guest artists on every track either. What they do however is produce willful indie pop that moves between the sweetest of the sweet to the more dark and moody. But through out it all we are getting served some of the best pop melodies around, and it's a crying shame that people are missing out on this. 
Do yourself a favour. Drop your sense of what might or might not be cool for just one minute, and let yourself enjoy some great tracks. Isn't that what music is all about after all?
Rating: 7/10

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