Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Interview #19 - EVAK

One Step Ahead of the Devil


In a world where real talent are slept on way too often, we should all do what we can to focus on the genuine artists out there.  People like EVAK from Texas. An amazing emcee and one hell of a guy.

So, who is EVAK? Could you give us some background regarding who you are and your present life?
Hahaa shit,! My name is Flynn, I am just a die hard working class father and a regular style husky-bodied, overly bitter, slightly aged Texas rap dude.  
Honestly, I get to make music with my friends, I have two steady jobs, I have wonderful people in my life, there is a collective consciousness is good right now.
As far as background..
I just recently, uncovered a tape of Task and I freestyling, into headphones over The Nonce and I believe I over heard my former self say, “live from the 95 spot’’ too many times to mention. I was possibly draped in some GroupHome/Smif-n-Wessun type camo overalls. It also may not have even been 1995. I can say for certain that it is entirely too painful to listen and if given the opportunity to use a time machine just once, I would go back to that exact moment and steal myself in the mouth.
What are your influences and inspiration in music and in life?
So many things! My Mom.. for always standing up for what is right and just, no matter the consequence..and for beasting through life in the midst of shitstorms..and she has seen some of the worst! The whole family is amazing..My son, Liam for just being the raddest kid on earth and for his extensive knowledge of underground hip hop and Walter Payton’s stats. Samantha, for being a hard working wonderful woman and loving the shit outta me. The changes going on around the world, the solidarity. Derrick Broze of the Houston Freethinkers for his constant commitment to empowering people, as a whole..and striving for a common good. Task, Raj, edison, babel fishh for being incredible spitters and ridiculous beat wizards and making me look like a one trick pony. Scott Huber being a chew union workhorse.. damn everything is inspiring. Galveston County is far as music. I am extra smitten with music lately. Anything and everything, thanks to DJ 2AM!!.. Minutemen, Cliff Brown, Scarface, The Pogues, Megabusive, Maestro Gamin, Restiform Bodies, James fuckin' Reindeer, GeorgeJones, Woody Guthrie, Gatemouth Brown, Niyat, Tommy Wright, Thin Lizzy, mass graves,
Would you mind sharing your creative process with us?
Jameson & Ice, books open everywhere, playing music loud, writing on everything, scanning over everything. I like seeing the written and printed word, I like when they look amazing as a whole..if you ever look at the lyrics for Aesop Rock’s One Brick, Illogic’s verse is gorgeous. Or the lyrics for Invetro., I actually roll out daily with the lyric sheet from fishh’s A Guild We Hold Close. 
What are you aims with your music?                                                                                           Become a better dude, a better writer, make my son proud.  
How important is the subject matter when you write, and can you tell us something about your writing process?
I think subject matter is very important, but I think intent, is more so. Its what gives each letter, each word, every sentence life. And the manner in which you come to cover the subject or topic, does not need to hold to any formula or standards. I just write on anything and everything, it can't wait.

One of last year’s best records if you ask me was Six Pack O’Death that you made together with edison. How did that come about?
Shucks dude, thank you! That’s humbling! Well , Nic sent me the beats, exactly as they sit on the album. The way it was put together, intentional or otherwise, was just perfect! I felt like the third song, 02, was the chorus for the whole album, and I kind of just recorded based on that..and then Nic chewed the fuck out of a verse..and that was that..oh edison raps too, and he is fucking nasty
What can we expect from you this year? I’ve heard rumours of a release on I Had an Accident Records. Can you tell us a bit more about that?
Fuck yesss! IHAA records is putting out the new WORK album on cassette. Also fishh and I are releasing Prison Soup on decorative stamp this month. And my solo r&b album by the end of the year..hopefully finishing up some more stuff with D’ology, Snap, Synato Watts, Haez, Chief and Davey Maybe, respectively
667. Can you expand on what that is for the people not in the know?
To quote Raekwon, “ don’t believe in heaven, cause ya living in hell”!!! and since I have been fighting to shake this stigma since wearing my first Natas shirt back in 8th grade, no we don’t worship the devil. Just hard working regular dudes arming letters, painting pictures, punching clocks, chewing etc.
For reference materials.. the Non, Inner Dialogue, Lewee Regal, Sam the Tan, Kitchen Kuts, Creature, Dreamy Meat Cleaver, 

Any other passions besides music?
Skateboards and baseball.
Do you have any musical memories that you’d like to share with us, that has meant a lot to you?
Rapping with Task in a shit bar in Brooklyn and Jeremy Sheaffer is in attendance. Choppin freestyle 16’s about baseball with Scoot Huber at Notsuohs in Houston.  Perseph violently murdering that same show! papervehicle & Loose Cannons at my friend Rob’s house in League City. Ceschi at the Ranch. Too many to mention..
Finishing words?
Break down all these lines that divide us..dead the ego. Money is only paper.  Fight the good fight.
Taste the magic. Lay off the bath salts.
I want to say thanks to you Michael, for the interest, support and kind words. Thanks to Ceschi and Emoh for their support.. Task, babel fishh, Filkoe/Dug Yuck, edison, Mildew, Home, beastmaster, semantic, Raj, abSUrd, Reindeer, Honey, Romain, Perseph, Nikkhoo, Julia LaDense, etc..fuck, I'm just overly thankful for all the people I have met and learned from..

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Sorry I am so late to BabelFishh and Evak! Got CD'S coming in the mail! Very inspiring stuff! -Kevin H