Monday, June 18, 2012

Chryso - Demons Run

I have start off by saying that I really like Demons Run. The productions are just the kind that makes my head nod uncontrollable. Dirty, funky and melodious at the same time. And throughout the album we get to enjoy fine lyricists such as Misanthrop, Qwer, jamesreindeer, Noah23 and Aas der Basis
As you might have guessed though by my opening, something negative is about to come up. Well, it's not really anything negative, it's more of a personal reflection. I think I would have prefered to listen to this as an entirely instrumental record because I think that the class of the productions are that good. And while the emcees are all doing a good job, I get the feeling of a compilation rather than the album of one artist. Sometimes albums like this can work perfectly in that way, but there is something about this that makes it feel too fragmented, and I think the guest vocalists have something to do with it. But let's not get all down and grumpy. Most artists would be proud of an album like this, and so should Chryso. postrap is the place for great music at the moment it seems. 
Just have to end with something that probably will annoy some people though, but dear underground hip hop artists, please don't think that cover art by Albane gives your album a feeling of freshness. As talented as she is, there is such a thing as things feeling worn out, and having her make your cover is one of them.
Rating: 6.5/10

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