Thursday, May 03, 2012

Misanthrop - Das Ungeheuer und sein Kritiker

Das Ungeheur und sein Kritiker is the latest offering from Munich emcee and producer Misanthrop. It feels way more accesible than his older offerings, but in a good way. He hasn't compromised his sound and his visions, he's just made it all more straight to the point. That makes this album, if you ask me, his most commercially viable so far. The productions are sharp, hard hitting and funky, and his flow and lyrics are strong as ever (thank you Google Translate). On Das Ungeheur und sein Kritiker, Misanthrop is questioning the world we live in and the world economics that runs it and asks us if this is really the way we want to live. Yet another strong release from Misanthrop and postrap.
Rating: 6/10

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