Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Joel Siméus - Cicada

First of all. Happy birthday Joel! Hope you will have an amazing year to come!  
Cicada is a collection of previously unreleased tracks from this producer's vaults. Usually compilations like this is filled with a lot of unnecessary fillers that you kind of understand why they haven't been released previously. But this is something completely different. Cicada consists of 13 tracks that is just as good as anything that he has previously released. He even manages to make the record feel cohesive which is impressive. It's laidback, dreamy and all out beautiful. 
Joel has been one of my favourite producers the last few years, and Cicada proves why. He can't put a foot wrong if you ask me. And what is even better for all you cheap skates out there, the album is free to download. Just go here and give yourself a present.
Rating: 7/10

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