Monday, April 16, 2012

jel - Greenball 3.5

It's been kind of quiet when it comes to solo material from jel these last years. He's been quite busy with things like themselves, 13&God as well as producing tracks for other people, but now it's finally time for a new release from one of our finest beat makers. And Greenball 3.5 is a really nice welcome back from him. It's a short record clocking in just over 21 minutes, but that's not a negative thing. At least since we still get 13 tracks that most producers out there today would kill to be able to put their name to. He once again shows that he's a master when it comes to the MPC, and by releasing such a short album he just makes us long for more. Yet another great release from Jeffrey Logan and Fieldwerk Recordings. Now I'm only hoping for a new record from themselves or 13&God.

Rating: 7/10

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