Sunday, April 29, 2012

I had An Accident Records x 5

Recieving music from I had An Accident Records is always interesting. I never really know what to expect so each time I sit down to listen, I have to do so with an open mind. This time around no less than 5 releases appeared more or less at the same time so I was in for a real listening session.
First tape to get a listen was Intermediate State (Enter) by Andrew Felix. I really quite like this. It's very hypnotic and meditational. In the press release it's described that "(Enter) mirrors the transcendental feelings of luminosity and rebirth. The ebb and flow of your breath as you fade away into yourself, eyes closed as your worries melt away". And that description is very much spot on. It is a record that you should listen to in headphones sitting or laying down, just letting the soundscape wash over you. Beautiful and very peaceful.
Next up was Double Reserve by big Epoch & Gothic Cholo. Twisted lyrics spread over chopped up and distorted beats. It's like a dark sonic jungle where only the strong and sane survives, and even though it's initially is a bit hard to get into it, quite soon I'm caught up in the musical web enjoying every twist and turn that the music takes me.
And the listening pleasure didn't stop there because then it was time to listen to SHVDOW by BL/\CK CEILING. And this one I really like from the get go. From the first second you're getting transported to a place of evil. I'm not a movie director, but listening to this tape makes me wish that I could write the perfect movie script, just so I could use this as the soundtrack. And it wouldn't be a feelgood kind of movie, I can assure you! But lacking a movie to enjoy this to, it also works perfectly in my headphones walking around on dark city streets.
dreams of ways of killing her by heart heart julia is by far the trickiest tape to review of them all. It's 16 minutes of distorted music and noise that is not all entirely pleasant to listen to. But at the same time there is something about it that makes me not want to turn it off. It lures the listener into listening extra carefully, and somewhere under the layers of dreamy vocals and sounds lies quite beautiful melodies that creeps under your skin in a rather satisfying way. Perhaps not something that you will enjoy after one listen, but give it some time and I'm sure that you will find something in it that will attract you.
Finally it was then time for Double Doom by Coyote Clean Up. It's really interesting sometimes to see what makes you like or dislike certain music. It's even more interesting when you can't quite explain why you're not feeling the songs. That is the case here. Double Doom is not bad, and I can really understand people liking it, but it's too lightweight to do anything for me. It's like cholesterol free house music. The foundations are right, but it all lacks the structure that makes it a bit extra.

Andrew Felix: 6.5/10
big Epoch & Gothic Cholo: 7/10
BL/\CK CEILING: 7.5/10
heart heart julia: 6/10
Coyote Clean Up: 4.5/10

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