Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gajah - Poverty's Prodigy

It's a good time now for fans of Acid Reign. About a month ago BeOND dropped his album EverYThingZ BacKWardS, and now it's time for Gajah to release his latest offering Poverty's Prodigy. What we're getting here is a very personal and strong album dealing with subjects such as poverty and struggle as well as hopefullness, survival and inner personal strengths. Dealing with subjects like this there's always a risk that the music itself suffers sometimes, but luckily enough that's not the case here. Gajah is good enough an emcee and entertainer to remember that great albums can both deal with serious subject matters and make your head nod at the same time.
Together with producers such as Mute Speaker, Gajah has produced a really good album that deserves as much attention as possible, especially in a time when underground hip hop gets more and more interested in being hipster than actually making anything interesting. 
Rating: 6.5/10

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