Friday, April 20, 2012

Death Grips - The Money Store

Death Grips are probably one of the most hyped acts at the moment. A hype I could definitely understand after the album Exmilitary. So The Money Store was an album I really looked forward to, and after the first listen I was really pleased. Unfortunately after each listen my smile slowly melted away and now, after about 6 listens, I'm quite bored. There are some real killer tracks on the album such as Get Got, The Fever (Aye Aye) and Punk Weight. But the album as a whole consists of too many weak productions and let's be frank here, MC Ride might be a charismatic front figure, but he's a really mediocre emcee and a boring vocalist in the long run. I will give them cred though for doing their thing, but this won't be an album I will listen to in a couple of weeks time. I recommend you to make a mix tape of their best tracks instead, and skip the rest.

Rating: 5/10

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