Saturday, December 10, 2011

Label of the Year - decorative stamp

This year has been a good year for some of my favourite labels. Milled Pavement, anticon and Mism Records amongst other have all released really good records this year, and 2011 have been one of the best years in quite a while if you ask me. But none the less, there is only one label really that could win Label of the Year this year. London based decorative stamp have released an amazing array of records this year. They might not have relased many records 2011, but on the other hand none of them are bad. I would go even further and say if I were to make a top 20 of this year's best albums all of them would be on there. And that says a lot I think. And what makes decorative stamp even more interesting is that they do not only put a lot of efforts into the music that they release, but they also see the album as complete pieces of art with amazing handmade covers amongst other things. I admit, I totally love decorative stamp and I will continue to be one of their biggest supporters for many years to come. I asked jamereindeer what was his favourite musical moment of the year, and in return I got this long text that deserves it's own post for sure.

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