Monday, December 19, 2011

#3 AbSUrd - Close to Distantly

When it comes to hip hop, the best is usually when both the emcee and the producer deliver and together creates something special. Remove the lyricist and the pressure upon the producer at once gets bigger. Without lyrics he has to paint soundscapes and create moods that tells the stories the emcee usually help out with. Very often it doesn't quite work out and the music just sounds flat and one dimensional. But whenever the producer manages to to everything right, many times the result is better than the majority of rhyme filled music out there. Few people master this better than AbSUrd. His debut album Close to Distantly manages to paint so many beautiful pictures that you just want to come back to it time after time. The record is about 50 percent instrumental and it's perfect music all the way through it. Never ones do I miss hearing vocals on those tracks. And when he brings in guests to rhyme on them he has picked some of the finest out there. Ceschi, bleubird, babelfishh and James P Honey are just a few of them, and they all come up with some amazing stuff. And if mattr. was my favourite producer of 2010, that title this year goes to AbSUrd. I've also heard that he's currently working on a new album with one of my favourite emcees, and I can't wait to hear it!

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