Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brzowski - A Fitful Sleep

I know it's never good to start off a review with what might be seen as a diss, but I can't help it. The first time I heard Brzowski's voice I couldn't help thinking of Everlast. But here the unintentional diss ends. Because unlike Everlast, Brzowski has got a nice flow, writes good lyrics and is much more than a pseudo thug. This Portland based emcee has been around for many years on the underground circuit releasing a handful of records in different formats. What we get on A Fitful Sleep is disorted guitars, punk aesthetics and hardhitting beats. Brzowski raps about personal things mixed with more political lyrics. Sometimes his flow is straight on, but when you think you have got him pin pointed, he goes off in true tongue twisters. This album may not consist of any real dance joints or radio hits. What it is filled with however, is good music and who could really ask for more?

Rating: 3/5


stace said...

Hm, seems to me a 3 is a bit low, not just after hearing it, but judging from the happiness in your own words! I liked the happy words though. :)

michael said...

Thanks for the comment :) 3 for me means a good record that I like, but not one that I will stay with me for a long time. But yeah, I liked the album and I like Brzo :)