Sunday, May 22, 2011

V/A - Ghetto Tyylit

I'm the first to admit that my knowledge of Finnish hip hop almost equals zero. Except for Ceebrolistics and perhaps Don Johnson Big Band I know nothing. And no, Bomfunk MC's don't really count. Recently however I stumble over some podcasts from the Finnish radio show Ghetto Tyylit and quite a new world opened up. I discoverd gems such as Tonedial with the amazing emcee Minnylee, Dumb and Ameba the Moodman. Recently the tape Ghetto Tyylit dropped and it's filled with good music. Some of it in Finnish, some of it in English. I was happily surprised to discover how much talent there is in the country to the east. All of it is not good, but most of it makes me nod my head with pleasure. The productions are smooth, jazzy and abstract and many of the emcees are coming from the West Coast underground school of flow and most of them are doing it with honors. The only negative thing that I have to mention is that I feel that some of the songs in English perhaps would have sounded better in Finnish due to a poor English accent. But all in all I have to stay, don't sleep on the Finns. They've got a good and upcoming scene that really ought to get some attention.

Rating: 3/5

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