Sunday, May 08, 2011

Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

One thing is certain when it comes to Beastie Boys. No one can do it like they can. They are in a completely own dimension. They have never been the best emcees, far from it to be honest. Their flow and their lyrics are basic to say the least. But none of that really matters. They can make hip hop, hardcore punk, funk and dub better than most people. While for example most hip hop artists try to do reggae they just end up with some plastic, low budget summer version of it. Beastie Boys on the other hand makes dub that would make Lee Perry proud. And by the way, I never really want to call them a hip hop group, it only diminishes what they are. Beastie Boys are artists with a big A period. I know it sounds like I'm a true dick rider, but that's not really the case. The downside to Beastie Boys artistry is that their albums often gets too fragmented. There are too many styles sometimes which makes the listening experience a bit boring in the long run. But there are always something about them that makes me look forward to every single release from the camp. The reason behind that is that even though you somehow know what you will get, it always sounds fresh. And that's what makes them unique. They are the only group who still sound interesting and exciting 30 years after they started! I would dare to say that no one else comes near that. So what about the album itself? It's good, it's funky and the productions are amazing as always. I will however listen to it a lot for about 2 months and then not listen to it much more. But up until then, Make Some Noise, Too Many Rappers (New Reactionaires version), Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win and Lee Majors Come Again will be part of my summer soundtrack for sure.

Rating: 4/5

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