Monday, February 07, 2011

Beans - End It All

This album is one that I have been looking forward to. Beans debut on anticon. It's been talked about for quite some time. Beans who most people know from Antipop Consortium have never been one of my favourite emcees. He's far from bad, but somehow he's always outdone by the beats themselves. And unfortunately that is kind of the case here too. On End It All he gets the help from producers such as Four Tet, Son Lux, Tobacco and Sam Fog from Interpol. And the productions are all great. But the sad thing about that is that I kind of wished that the album was instrumental. I can't really blame Beans too much, it just seems to be that he constantly have the fortune, or perhaps misfortune, to choose music that is better than himself. The rating would be higher if it was an instrumental record, but still, it's a solid album.

Rating: 3/5

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