Sunday, December 26, 2010

Isha - Call it a Lullaby

It's always tricky to write about records made by close friends. You don't want to hurt their feelings, but at the same time you don't want to kiss their asses either. Isha and I go back since our teens and have been good friends ever since. He's been making music in different groups and projects for many years. Now comes the time for his solo debut and I sat down with big interest. I put on my headphones, followed the lyrics and listened. I might start out at once to say that quite a few of the productions is not really in my taste. A bit too much eurodisco feel sometimes. But I also know that the choice of music and production has a point. It's Isha letting go of his need of control and move his own personal boundaries to new territories. And I accept and understand that. When it comes to the lyrics however I'm hooked. They are incredibly personal and honest. And knowing him lets me recognize a lot of what he's talking about even on my own personal level. We all have our own personal demons to fight, and even though the demons are different sometimes the struggle is alike. He never pretends he's something he's not in his lyrics and that is something I admire greatly. Call it a Lullaby is the first installement in a triology about life, Lullibies for Adults Who Never Heard 'Em as Kids. This is the childhood part. Personal favourites on the album is A Place to Call Home, Call it a Lullaby and My Friend Just Got Married. Could have done without Stay Alive though. But hey, people gotta dance to something I suppose. I don't think that Call it a Lullaby is in everyones taste musically. But I really hope that people give it a chance, because I believe that it is a beautiful project in personal expression and strife to improve one self. Hey, I guess I both dissed and kissed ass after all.

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