Saturday, December 18, 2010

#4 Kristoff Krane - Hunting For Father

Without taking away too much from the artists in places 5-10 this year, but I must start off by saying that the top 4 this year was by far the best albums if you ask me. I wrote about this album back in June when he released it simultaneously with the album Picking Flowers Next to Roadkill. And while the later is a good record also, Hunting for Father have continuously kept growing and growing throughout the year and I keep loving it more and more. This record is not your typical hip hop album, and it's all the more beautiful for it. It doesn't matter if Kristoff Krane flows fluently to great beats or if he picks up the guitar and sing for us. The result is still very good and I don't seem to get the least bit tired of it. He could easily have made both a very good indie pop album and a smashing hip hop album. Instead he combined them two to one amazing one. Even though he's been around for a while, it feels like he's just keep getting better and better, and I love to follow his on that journey.

When asked about his own musical highlights of the years, he says:

"My top musical event of the year was being part of the benefit for Micheal "eyedea" Larsen at
1st Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
My top album of the year is Eccee Beast by Kill The Vultures.
Favorite video of the year, Smile by Eyedea & Abilities."

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