Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gbg 2001-2010

Well. Today is the day. At a couple of times during the existence of this blog I've mentioned the idea of me moving away from Gothenburg and back to my so called roots. I have been thinking about this for a couple of years now, off and on. Today it happens. I'm leaving Gothenburg after 9 years here and moving back to the town I grew up in, Hedemora. I have to say it feels a bit weird, but hopefully everything will be fine once I get into it all. I will of course miss Gothenburg and some of its population a lot. But I'm also happy to get away from parts of the town and some of its population. But who knows? I might be back some day. I will at least visit quite frequently to hang with my friends. That's it for the personal part right now. Here on beats, breaks & big smiles 2.0 nothing will change because of the move so it's business as usual.

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