Thursday, March 04, 2010

GRAVES - Contrary to Popular Belief

Check this album out! It's the bomb! AND, you're allowed to download it. Please enjoy. This album by GRAVES is definitely the album of the week!



eatmyears said...

Tack för den! Verkar lovande.

Kay Lie said...

Ummm... what's the genre of this album? :D (The skeleton give me eerie look thus made me think twice before download whole 150mb to my laptop :D)

michael said...

It's hiphop, very good hiphop :)

Kay Lie said...

Noted. Downloaded. Heard. The type of hip hop that I could enjoy. Seriously. It's not as scary as the album cover, and each track has its own arrangement diversity, which is so nice to hear :) Thanks for the recommendation, surely broaden my knowledge at your expertise ;)

Nice recommendation! b(^_^)d