Thursday, April 23, 2009

Food For Thought

Satt och tittade igenom lite gamla grejor som jag har skrivit och funderar på ifall jag med jämna mellanrum ska slänga upp någon här på sidan. Testar med en kort idag så får ni själva säga vad ni tycker. Ska jag hålla mitt dravel för mig själv?

My poetical reflections cause mental erections
Stretchin’ the stem of ya brain with my heavenly blessin’
Metaphorical food for thought is like a sensual session
Baby if ya body’s a salad then the sex is the dressin’
My words are destined to keep many lecturers guessin’
Or popping a question for students on the topic for testin’
The flow wont stop even if you got me arrested
I rise to top cause I’m not even probably contested
My pen is my soul or possibly at least an extension
The paper is the pearly gates where I finish my sentence
Never a joke or in jest but please ingest the expression
My brain food is readily digested and never in question

1 comment:

Masn said...

JA! Sweet. Jag kan annars fylla på:

"Pause! I never use the word beacuase/ I don't know if this jam is mine or yours/ But I keep doing my rhymes anyway / Cause brother Kane (Alltså Mr. Hauer. red anm) is here and here to stay/"

Sorry...kunde inte hålla mig.