Friday, October 06, 2006


Försöker bli av med en stor del av min skiv-samling så jag samlar den här nu som utgångspunkt.
Priset för skivorna är 30kr förutom där annat pris nämns
Priset dock för CD-singlarna längst ner är 10 kr styck om inte annat nämns.

Först till kvarn!

Listan kommer uppdateras allt eftersom skivor säljs. Så länge som dom ligger kvar här så har ingen betalt för dom

Har inte lagt upp samlingsskivor och 7" än, kommer kanske upp snart dom oxå. Sidan kommer uppdateras

Hädanefter skickas ingen mer vinyl. Denna säljes bara till såna som kan möta upp IRL. Anledningen till detta är svårigheten att hitta bra sätt att förpacka dom och skicka.. Tyvärr

Abhinanda: Senseless
Abhinanda: s/t
Agami, Al: Covert Operations
Allies, The: D-Day
Allison, Mose: Jazz Profile
Artifacts: That’s Them
A Tribe Called Quest: The Love Movement
Audio Bullys: Ego War
Bad Religion: Against The Grain
Bad Religion: Generator
Bad Religion: Stranger Than Fiction
Battery: Only The Diehard Remain
Beautiful South, The: Carry On Up The Charts, Best of
Beautiful South, The: Quench
Bergman, Marit: Baby Dry Your Eye
Bergman, Marit: Can I Keep Him EP
Bergman, Marit: From Now On EP
Biohazard: State of the World Address
Björns Vänner: Tappat Halva Hjärnan
Björns Vänner: Kvar På Film
Björns Vänner: Alexander Lukas
Blacknuss Allstars: Made in Sweden
Blade: The Lion Goes from Strength to Strength
Blur: Modern Life is Rubbish
Bright Eyes: A Collection of Songs Written and Recorded 1995-1997
Bright Eyes: Letting Off The Happiness
Bronx, The: s/t
Brotherhood, Tha: Elementalz
Brown, Bobby: Bobby
Buddah Brand: Best Of The Best
Charles, Ray: My World
Chickenpox: Dinnerdance and Latenightmusic
Chrysler, The: Failures and Sparks
Coltrane, John: A Love Supreme
Coup, The: Kill My Landlord
Creators, The: The Weight
Cure, The: Disintegration
Cypress Hill: III Temples of Boom
Cypress Hill: Black Sunday
Daddy Boastin: Efterlyst
Damodara: From Shadow to Substance
David, Craig: Born to Do It
David & the Citizens: Until The Sadness is Gone
David & the Citizens: For All Happy Endings
Davis, Miles: Amandla
Depeche Mode: Some Great Reward
Depeche Mode: Construction Time Again
Depth Charge: Nine Deadly Venoms
Di Leva: För Sverige I Rymden
Dinosaur Jr: Without a Sound
Divine Styler: Word Power 2
DJ Sleepy: Sleepy Soundsystem vol 1
DJ Yoda: Taste of the Paste
Doughnuts: Equalize Nature
Dozier, Lamont: Inside Seduction
Dread, Mikey: Profile
Dunger, Nicolai: Here’s My Song…
ECD: Big Youth
Embee: Send Someone Away
Eminem: Encore
Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP
Enberg, Alexia: Say It
Erasure: Pop! 20 First Hits
Falk, Christian: Swedish Open
Falk, Christian: Quel Bordel
Final Exit: Umeå
Final Exit: Teg
Fireside: Uomini D’Onore
Fireside: Do Not Tailgate
Flimpoman: Me Ask Them Why
Flip Da Scrip: Products of Da Piemel
Foxx, Jamie: Unpredictable
Franti & Spearhead, Michael: Stay Human
Franz Ferdinand: s/t
Freeheat: Retox
Funky DL: Classic Was The Day
Gadd, Eric: Floating
Gadd, Eric: On Display
Gaye, Marvin: What’s Going On
Girlsmen: s/t
Goats, The: Tricks of the Shade
Gonzales, Jose: Crosses EP
Green Day: Dookie
Hamell on Trial: Choochtown
Hamell on Trial: Ed’s Not Dead…
Hamell on Trial: Mercuroyale
Heavy D & The Boyz: Peaceful Journey
High & Mighty, The: Air Force One
Hives, The: Veni Vidi Vicious
Holmes, David: Lets Get Killed
Hyenas in the Desert: Die Laughing
Ice-T: Home Invasion
Ice-T: Power
Infinite Mass: The Infinite Patio
Insight: The Blast Radius
Judge: Bringin It Down
Junglebrothers: J.Beez Wit A Remedy
Landlords: Mentality
Lekebusch, Kari: Det Jag Vet
Lewis, Ramsey: The In Crowd
Lionrock: An Instinct For Detection
LL Cool J: 14 Shots to the Dome
LL Cool J: Radio
Lords of the Underground: Here Come The Lords (50kr)
Lost Patrol: Songs About Running Away
Lost Patrol Band: s/t
Luciano: Messenger
Lucky People Center: Interference
Mad Cobra: Hard to Wet, Easy to Dry
Malkmus, Stephen: s/t
Malkmus, Stephen: Jenny & the Ess-Dog
Mark B & Blade: The Unknown
Massinfluence: The Underground Science
Mayfield, Curtis: Superfly
MC Shan: Play it Again Shan
MC Solaar: Prose Combat
Mekon: Welcome to Tackletown
Micranots: Obelisk Movements
Microphone Pager: Don’t Turn Off Your Light
Mindjive: s/t
Nas: Illmatic (50kr)
Naughty by Nature: 19 Naughty III
Nearly God: s/t
Nico Fabuloso: Watery Nuts
No Fun At All: Stranded
No Fun At All: Vision
No Fun At All: Out of Bounds
No Fun At All: No Straight Angles
Ohio Players: Gold
Perry, Lee: A Serious Dub
Petter: s/t
Petter: Bananrepubliken
Plan, The: s/t
Popsicle: Lacquer
Popsicle: Stand Up and Testify
Portishead: s/t
Prodigy: The Fat of the Land
Prodigy: Firestarter
Professor Griff: Disturb n tha Peace
Promoe: Government Music
Promoe: Long Distance Runner
Public Enemy: Best of
Public Enemy: Revolverlution
Public Enemy: There’s a Poison Goin On
Public Enemy: Greatest Misses
Public Enemy: He Got Game
Quasimoto: The Unseen (50kr)
Rancid: And Out Come The Wolves
Randy: No Carrots for the Rehabilitated
Randy: The Ska EP
Rawls, Lou: Gold
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication
REM: Eponymous
REM: Document
REM: Murmur
Rival Schools: United by Fate
Roc Raida: Crossfaderz
Rollins Band: Get Some and Go Again
Rollins Band: Weight
Roy Ayers Ubiquity: Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Satanic Surfers: Keep Out
Sawhney, Nitin: Prophesy
Scott-Heron, Gil: Ghetto Style
Self Jupiter: Hard Hat Area
Shelter: Mantra
Shout Out Louds: 100 EP
Shy FX: Just an Example
Sick of it All: Scratch the Surface
Skitz: Countryman
Sly & The Family Stone: Do The Rattle Snake
Sly & The Family Stone: There’s a Riot Going On
Snoop Dogg: Tha Last Meal
Sonic Youth: Confusion is Sex
Soul II Soul: Vol 3
SPOCK: Alien Worlds
Spiritulized: Pure Phase
Spånka NKPG: Vol 2
Stingily, Byron: The Purist
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names: #1
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names #2
Suede: s/t
Supersnazz: I Wanna Be Your Love
Teddybears Sthlm: You are Teddybears
Teenage Fanclub: Songs from Northern Britain
Ten City: State of Mind
Terminator X: The Valley of the Jeep Beats
Thirstin Howl III: Skillosopher
Tiger Lou: Trouble and Desire
Timberlake, Justin: Justified
Tribulation: Spicy
Unsung Heroes: Unleashed
Various: Above the Rim
Various: Bomb Worldwide
Various: Bring Da Ruckus
Various: Def Jux 1
Various: Den Svenska Underjorden
Various: Fat Beats vol 1
Various: Jam Jam Jam Sugarhill
Various: Judgment Night OST
Various: La Haine (50kr)
Various: Major Force The Original Art Form (100kr)
Various: The Message, The Roots of Rap
Various: Rapman
Various: Returmusik
Various: Sidewalk Headliners (50kr)
Various: Sunset Park OST
Various: Sound 01: A Big Dada Sampler
Various: This Is Hip Hop
Various: Trojan Dub Box Set 1 (60kr)
Various: Trojan Ska Box Set 1 (60kr)
Various: We're All In The Same Gang
Various: Word Lab
Various: Word Lab 2
Voice Watson: Voice Yours
Wannadies: Bagsy Me
Ward 21: Mentally Disturbed
Whale: Pay for Me
Withers, Bill: Super Hits
Wonder, Stevie: Talking Book
Young Black Teenagers: Dead Enz Kidz Doin..
Young MC: Brainstorm
Z-Trip: Shifting Gears


Anthrax – State of Euphoria
Bassey, Shirley – What Now My Love
Beatles, The – Rubber Soul (50kr)
Beatles, The – A Collection of Beatles Oldies
Beatles, The – Beatles’ Greatest
Blak Twang – The Cotton Club
Candyman – Ain’t No Shame in My Game
Clinton, George – The Cinderella Theory
Clinton, George – Some of My Best Jokes are Friends
Cooke, Sam – The Best of
Cooper, Alice – Raise Your Fist and Yell
D’Arby, Terence Trent – Neither Fish nor Flesh
Diana Ross & the Supremes – Greatest Hits
Digital Underground – Sons of the P
Digital Underground – Sex Packets
Dmob – A Little Bit of This…
Double Trouble – As One
Eminem – Infinite (100kr)
Four Tops – Live
Harrison, George – Cloud Nine
Jones, Howard – Human’s Lib
Jones, Howard – Dream into Action
Jones, Howard – Action Replay
Just D – Svenska Ord
Kid ‘n Play – Funhouse
Kool & The Gang – Forever
LL Cool J – Bigger and Deffer
Madness – Keep Moving
Mantronix – The Incredible Sound Machine
Monie Love – Down to Earth
O’Neal, Alexander – My Gift to You
O’Neal, Alexander – Hearsay
Papa Dee – Lettin off Steam
Prince – Batman OST
Quadrophonia – Cozmic Jam
Redhead Kingpin & The FBI – A Shade of Red
Red Rat – I’m a Big Kid Now
Sator – Stock Rocker Nuts
Sex Pistols – Some Product
Sex Pistols – Never Trust a Hippy
Sex Pistols – Flogging a Dead Horse
Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge over Troubled Water
Sons of Soul – s/t
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Going to a Go-Go
Snap – World Power
Soul II Soul – vol 2
Stonefunkers – Hard as Kryptonite
Swing-a-Ling Soundsystem – v/a
Syndicate – Keep
Taco – Puttin’ On the Ritz
Technotronic – Pump up the Jam
Thompson Twins – Here’s to Future days
Thompson Twins – Into the Gap
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – Let me Up (I’ve had Enough)
Tone Loc – Loced After Dark
Twisted Sister – Under the Blade
Wonder, Stevie – Wonderland
Wonder, Stevie – Songs in the Key of Life
Young Black Teenagers – s/t


Al-Shid – Ing’ant
Analog Brothers – 2005 A.D
Black Moon – Headz Ain’t Redee
Brick City Kids – s/t
BVSMP – I Need You
Captivated Bimbo – Heate
Chilly & Leafy – Schlookdans
Choclair – Mach 4
Diverse Tactics – Dollars & Pence EP
DJ Revolution – The Backbone
Epitome, The – Maximum Adrenaline
Exodus 77 – Just Time
Eye N’ I – Höger Vänster
Foreign Legion – Overnight Success
427 – Business Deals
Hardcastle, Paul – 19
H.U.G. – F_ckin wit Hug
Kazi – Down for the Kaz
King Tee – Diss You
Kongo Bongo Crew – Yeah Man
Marley & The Melody Makers, Ziggy – Tomorrow People
MC Tunes - The Only Rhyme That Bites
Megalon – One in a Million (70kr)
MF Grimm – WWIII
Mista Sinista – Sseriouss
OldWorlDisorder – Shyalude
ParanormL – Portal
P.O.S. – is Ruining my Life
Promoe – A Likkle Supm Supm
Redhead Kingpin & The FBI – Pump it Hottie
Run DMC – Runs’ House
Sabac – Organize
Skitzofreniks – Slow It Down
Soul II Soul – Jazzie’s Groove
Stonefunkers – We Come to Party
Stonefunkers – Wreck the Show
Stonefunkers – Individuality
Terminator X – Wanna Be Dancin
Timebomb - Girls
Vinyl Dialect – B-Boys Rock the World


Agent Provocateur - Sabotage
Akem - Autodidakt
Alf - Gröna Linjen
A Tribe Called Quest - Hot Sex
Audio Bullys - We Don't Care
Bad Cash Quartet - Heart Attack
Bad Cash Quartet - Big Day Coming
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Whatever Happened To My Rock'n'roll
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Love Burns
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Spread Your Love (svarta)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Spread Your Love (röda)
Bobby Digital - NYC Everything
Boogaloo - Humongus Steps
Bran van 3000 - Astounded
Chilly & Leafy - Tuff Tripp
Chilly & Leafy - Du och Jag
Chilly & Leafy - Jaskabara
Chrysler, The - Blue Gold
Daddy Boastin - Stress
Danger Mouse & Jemini - The Ghetto Pop Mix
Depth Charge - Legend of the Golden Snake
Dilated Peoples - Expansion Team Sampler
Easy - In Black And White
Fistfunk - System
Governor Andy - Hela Skiten
Greenberg - Return of the Old School Skater
Ice Cube - Really Doe
Kjellvander, Christian - Portugal
K7 - Come Baby Come
Kurtis Blow - The Breaks 94
Latin Kings - Botkyrka Stylee
LL Cool J - Loungin
Looptroop - Fort Europa
Luniz - I Got 5 On It
Method Man - I'll Be There For You
Queen Latifah - Fly Girl
Q-Unique - Mixture (30kr)
Satanic Surfers - Back from Hell
Sir Mixalot - One Time's Got No Case
Sir Mixalot - Baby Got Back
Spin Doctors - Two Princes
Tiger Lou - Oh Horatio
Timebomb - Girls
2Pac - How Do U Want It


Anonymous said...

Tja! Många intressanta skivor..
vart bor du så jag kan hooka och köpa vinyler??



CrimeFamily said...

yo, can u send me the Nico Fabuloso - Watery Nuts? in mp3?

impossible to find,,,

thanks in advance,